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At FaunaSafe, we have combined our experience in perfecting water chemistry for humans with our passion for aquatic life.  The result of this brings you natural, biodegradable products which will allow your aquatic animals to thrive unaffected by chemicals.

We offer all-natural products which remove phosphates and clear water for your animals. Our advanced filtration system incorporates the simplicity of a compact sand filter with the use of prehistoric volcanic rock as filter media.  The result is a low-maintenance filtration system which absorbs the ammonia from the water it filters and allows establishment of appropriate healthy bacteria.

Innovative ecosystems are now attainable with the ease and safety of FaunaSafe products.  Your home aquarium, outdoor pond, or local aquatic animal displays can all benefit from FaunaSafe's earth and animal conscious products.  Want to learn more?  Click below to see our line of products.

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